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So David, What’s the Cost of Endless Fresh, Targeted and FREE Leads From Facebook?

A lot less than you think.

What I’m offering you here is the simplified Five Steps to Massive Facebook Engagement Cheat Sheet…

Which has already been responsible for making hundreds of dollars, even $2,000 in a single day!

You’re also getting over 40 minutes of “over my shoulder” video training where I go over each of the steps in detail…

I create a post for you in real time (which you can also use yourself) and reveal even more tips and insights along the way!

I’m also handing you $438 worth of “done for you” posts…

So you don’t even need to create your own content to attract leads and make sales!

Plus, I’m also giving you personal access to me via my Facebook Group worth at least $497…

Although receiving further guidance from me and having your questions answered could be worth many thousands of dollars to you!

There’s no other way to say it…

My five-step strategy just works.

The potential to make hundreds of dollars in a single day…

Even thousands of dollars as shown on this page…

Means I could reasonably sell this training for $497.

And as I collect even more feedback, testimonials and case studies from marketers who have successfully used the strategies…

The training would be a bargain if I reduced that figure to $297.

But right now, I won’t ask anywhere near that figure…

I want my five steps to help as many people as possible.

So, if you’re somebody who likes to take advantage of a great opportunity…

Rather than wait for others to get results so I can legitimately increase the cost of the training before you get involved…

Then you won’t pay $497 today.

You won’t pay $297…

Or even $97.

Today, you can get access to everything on this page for just $7.

Your Purchase Today Is Also 100% Risk Free!

This is a Limited Time Offer!

I’ll be serious with you for a moment…

I can’t “give away” all this training, done for you bonus content and personal access to me for just $7 forever.

I’m still building up to telling my accountant!

At some point the training will increase in price…

It’s too powerful not to and has already been responsible for thousands of dollars in online sales.

Plus, I can’t allow an infinite number of people to have personal access to me in my Facebook Group either.

As much as I’d love to, there are so many hours in the day I can spend answering questions and helping others build their businesses while taking time away from my own.

So, the Facebook Group bonus isn’t always going to be available.

If you want to do things the “The Walker Way” when it comes to massive Facebook engagement, free lead generation and daily sales…

Then obviously, you can only get this training from me.

I’d love to have the opportunity to help take you closer to where you want to be…

So act now if you want in.

“Everybody Should Be Doing This!”

Jonny Hobbs

“Before using David’s five-step method I was getting little to zero engagement on my Facebook posts. Within the space of just two weeks I have gone from zero to 30+ likes and comments. This will only grow as time goes by and has already increased my leads and sales.

What held me back was I didn’t know what to post so the game changer here is the 100 ‘done for you’ posts. Do not underestimate the power of using them – I have seen such a massive increase in engagement just by picking and posting!

The training is so easy and simple to follow – the detail and value you get is incredible!

If you have an online business and are looking to attract more leads then I highly recommend this. Apply the methods, be consistent and you will see a huge increase in engagement!

Everybody should be doing this!”

Jonny Hobbs,

“My Engagement Has Increased Significantly!”

Ed Junior

“Your five-step engagement cheat sheet and ‘done for you’ posts have been very effective for me. My engagement has increased significantly! I know it will continue to increase as long as I continue to implement your strategies. Thanks!”

Ed Junior,

“A Real Plan of Action to Follow!”

Jason Daly

“Since applying the training I’m getting more engagement and faster than ever before!

The video training is a perfect compliment to the cheat sheet and gives you a real plan of action to follow!

Good stuff David!”

Jason Daly,

“This Has Lit A Fire Under Me!”

Steven Suchar

“My engagement has increased after following the strategies before and after I post content on Facebook. This has lit a fire under me to do even more as we get out what we put in!”

Steven Suchar,

“I’d Recommend This to Anyone!”

Justin Teo

“The training is very newbie-friendly and it is easy to navigate through the members area and the video modules. There’s even a bonus for you to use as your post content!

I’d recommend this training to anyone – advanced marketers and newbies alike, who want massive engagement on their Facebook posts!”

Justin Teo,



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