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They use them to automate marketing processes, Get leads, add customers and GROW their revenue on auto-pilot & much, much more. Get over 55+ essential apps ALL for less than a cup of coffee a day.

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How it Works

1. Create Your Membership

2. Choose from over 50+ Marketing apps

Membership has its privileges

What You Get

55+ Essential Market Automation Apps 1 bill at over 75% off!

Unbounce Dashboard

Sales Funnels

Convert More Leads and Sales From Your Ad Spend 

Take your ad budget further and grow your business with Unbounce, 150 landing pages, website pop-ups, and sticky bars. See how you can lower your Cost-Per-Lead by over 70% with landing pages. Unbounce Premium Included

Convertri Dashboard

Build Amazing Fast Loading Websites & More Funnels

Want a website rather than a page? Convertri lets you put multiple pages on a single domain, so you can build them into a website for your business that loads like it was already there. Save time by importing fully editable pages just by entering their URL.

Campaign Monitor Dashboard
Campaign Monitor

Email Marketing & Automation for Your Business

Drive Results With Professional Grade Email Marketing

Make your emails unforgettable & build effective customer journeys. Create and deliver eye catching emails that drive real business results with easy to use design, personalization and automation tools. Get access to mobile optimized, professionally designed email templates that resonate with your audience. Top 100 email marketing campaigns includedCampaign Monitor Unlimited included.

WebCEO Dashboard
Web Ceo

15 Search Engine Optimization Tools

Grow Organic Long-Term Traffic From Google

Keyword Research Tool, Rank Checker, SEO Auditor, Backlink Checker, Competitor Research tool and more

hotjar Dashboard

Heatmaps & Visitor Recordings

The Fast & Visual Way To Turn More Visitors Into Customers

See how visitors are really using your website. Collect user feedback and quickly understand your customers. Determine what users want, care about, and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior. Identify usability issues by watching recordings of real visitors on your site as they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across pages. hotjar plus Included.

Provely Dashboard

Real Time Social Proof

The Simplest Way To Increase Sales and Signup Conversions…

Display lead or sales notifications to visitors in real-time on your site or page. Choose from a library of different sleek popup templates. Cater to a specific area? Display only lead/sale notifications from a certain country to help tailor your social proof to your audience.

Increase your leads and Get more sales

Easy automation for busy people. Put apps to work for you that will allow you to automate everyday processes 24/7 while you sleep & much, much more. So you can focus on your most important work!

-apps you’ll love-

Membership has it’s privileges 

We’ve been asked so many times we thought we add it to our home page…YES you really do get access to all these apps and everything else on this page with your socialsavvi membership enjoy!


Beverly Theresa

I finally had some time to poke around socialsavvi, it’s actually, like legit awesome

MobileMonkey Dashboard

Facebook Messenger ChatBot

Automate Facebook Messenger to Attract & Engage Customers

Organic Facebook traffic has drastically decreased over the years but adding MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger the most intuitive marketing chatbot is the one thing you’ll do that can turn that around.  View Details

Optinmonster Dashboard

Lead Generation Software

Powerful lead generation software that converts abandoning visitors into subscribers with their dynamic marketing tools and Exit Intent® technology. Instantly boost leads and grow revenue with the website traffic you already have.

Improvely Dashboard

Built To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns Everywhere Online

Track, Test and Optimize Your Online Marketing. Join Over 6,000 Marketers Using Improvely to Track Results and Detect Fraud. Improvely identifies the source of every signup and sale, whether it’s from a marketing campaign or any other channel.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Value Proposition Run-Down

To demonstrate the value of our membership we only profiled 14 realistic app comparisons to give you an idea of the money you save with your socialsavvi membership. Again our commitment is to help the small business entrepreneurs get access to the apps/tools they need to run & grow their businesses.  

App Type


Monthly Price


Monthly Price


Demo Video

Funnel Builder

click funnels



Included in plan

Premium plan-Quickly deploy various websites to sell products or services.

HeatMap/Visitor Recording




Included in plan

Hotjar Plus-Record where visitors click on your site. See what content they like or love and improve.

Real-Time Social Proof




Included in plan

Marketing Automation/ECRM


$49 and up

Campaign Monitor

Included in plan

This is a must for link/people tracking especially if your doing any type of affiliate marketing




Included in plan

Live Demo

Very popular Video Marketing/Hosting whose name we can’t



Included in plan

Search engine optimization platform



Web Ceo

Included in plan

Accurate local rank tracking,

Google Analytics & Search Console 

integration, Keyword research,

Customizable dashboards 

Mobile optimization 

check, Page Speed test,

Competitor metrics, Social media popularity analysis

Real Time user Chat


$38 and up

BoxCar Chat app

Included in plan

Quiz Maker


$19 to $69


Included in plan

Facebook Messenger ChatBot




Included in plan

Connect with customers via the communication channel used by over 1.3 billion users. You get the PRO version with the Savvi+ Plan.

Create & Host Webinars


$89 to $429


Included in plan

Close deals over 20% faster with webinars compared to previous solutions.

Lead Generation


$9 to $69


Included in plan

Growth/Pro Plan-Instantly double your leads and grow revenue with the website traffic you already have. Premium version included with savvi+.

SMS Text Marketing

ex texting

$0 to $149

Text Deliver 2.0

Included in plan

Open rates with SMS is 98% versus 22% for email. Click thru, conversion & open rates are double compared to email.

All in one Digital Marketing Platform


$10 to $49


Included in plan

Like socialsavvi this is and all in one digital platform that we’ve included in the savvi+ plan.


$479 to $1559/MO


What people are saying

Top affiliate marketer

Nick Donovan

I’ve been a huge fan every since they launched. No where else do you get all these tools for the price and they keep adding more…video is a big part of my marketing efforts and I cant say enough about their vidplayer app…if your not using it you should be

Nick Donaven-

Top Affiliate Marketer

Popular IG Fitness Model

Jen Selter

My team utilizes the apps & other tools on socialsavvi to continue to grow my channel…

Membership has its privileges!

Secure Checkout. Instant Cloud Access & Download

This is a month to month subscription cancel anytime no questions asked*

  • List Eruption
  • Ebook Creator
  • Icon Creator
  • 100+ FREE Podcasts from Social Media Experts*
  • 100+ FREE Up to date Videos from TOP Internet Marketers from around the world*
  • 200+ of Digital Strategy Guides & Marketing eBooks*
  • 44+ WordPress Video tutorials for beginners Always updated for the latest WP version

*The curated marketing podcasts & videos along with the Digital strategy guides and ebooks are provided for free of charge. We do not own ANY of this content. We are NOT charging for this content but have aggregated these media sources for your convenience and marketing education. 


Everything Free comes with+


$194/mo 50% for a limited time

  • MobileMonkey PRO
  • Improvely
  • WebCEO
  • Provely
  • Boxcar
  • Pagem​odo
  • QuizFunnels
  • HeatMapTracker
  • Builderall*
  • Convertri
  • FanAutomater
  • Pindrill
  • Live Reel
  • Instatmate 2.0
  • Octosuite
  • PayMember
  • TweetPush
  • Article Genie**
  • Reddule
  • Hideme Premium VPN
  • Lead Target
  • Carvly
  • Socialsuite
  • Cliksit
  • Rabbit Rewards
  • Project Hub
  • Pin Point
  • Adexpress
  • Seosnapshot
  • Prospectrr
  • Ticket Hub
  • Vydeogram**
  • Survey Monkey
  • Resocially
  • Vidinvision
  • Leadin
  • Designo Pro
  • Viddictive 2.0
  • 150+ Premium WordPress Plugins
  • 88 of the most popular WordPress Themes
  • Unlimited Support


$194/mo 50% for a limited time

Clickbank buy now

$97 will be billed monthly until canceled. This is month to month cancel anytime no questions asked.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Most Popular


Automate & grow

Everything Savvi comes with+


$300/mo 50% for a limited time

Effective apps for the serious marketer. Outsmart & stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with market changes with the latest apps

  • Unbounce Premium
  • Campaign Monitor Unlimited 
  • HotJar Plus
  • Optinmonster Growth
  • Text2Deliver Pro
  • videojuice
  • hqWebinar
  • Script Engage**
  • Leadfunnel Pro
  • Vidskippy
  • Traffic Fresh**
  • Drop Mock*
  • Unlimited Support


$300/mo 50% for a limited time

Clickbank buy now

$150 will be billed monthly until canceled. This is month to month cancel anytime no questions asked.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Once payment is made you will receive your login credentials via email. Each app is its own individual piece of software. You will need internet access and will be emailed login credentials for each apps dashboard. The apps with asterisks* are available for immediate download once your logged into your dashboard. Any questions you can contact us at support at

More customer love

I can’t say enough about these guys. I love, love, love all the tools, the videos, ebooks, they always have something new added…that I didn’t know about!

Julie Bates

Julie Bates

Fashion Influencer

  For $197 per month their Savvi+ plan is unbeatable…the access to apps that you get is amazing. Being able to login and pick the app I need has really been helpful!  

Tony Chris

  I use allot of videos & quizzes in my sales funnels and their viidplayer app & quiz funnels are absolutely amazing tools for any price but for what they charge they’re giving it away. 

Peter Davis

Peter Davis

Affiliate Marketer

*Builderall requires an additional and separate payment of $4.99 per month. We will add a discount coupon to your account that will adjust your monthly payment accordingly (this a limited promotion). DropMock is an upgrade and does require an additional payment.

**Article Genie, VydeoGram & Traffic Fresh are downloaded onto your computer (must use Chrome browser & for VydeoGram you must allow 3rd party apps if using apple products). Script Engage is a service provided to our members. We will provide up to 10 scripts per month using this AWARD winning software. Use these scripts for your funnels, landing pages, emails & more. ALL others are hosted on either 3rd party company servers, Amazon cloud or Digital Ocean servers. All Downloaded products are Windows & MAC compatible. 

+Each of our paid memberships has a 60-Day
no questions asked refund period.  You can cancel this membership at anytime by emailing us at support at or by logging into your paypal account and canceling it. 

***All apps come with video tutorials on the inside of their own dashboard.

-Commonly asked Questions –

Q. How do I access my products?

Once payment has been made you will be redirected to a clickbank thank you page where you will have a button to guide you to the socialsavvi thank you page. Simultaneously our 24/7 customer support team will create your account and send you your login credentials where you can access the social savvi members dashboard where your products live. You can access them there.

Q. How can you offer ALL of these great products for such a low price?

We have friends in high places…lol but seriously we have tried to price this as affordable as possible at the same time allowing us an opportunity to grow as a company so everyone who’s truly interested in succeeding online has access to essential apps/tools that they need…Enjoy!

Q. This all looks fantastic…but I’m so busy I don’t have time to set up and manage the apps that I need…can you do it for me?

Absolutely, we offer a done for you solution and will set up and manage the apps for you or if you need even more…please check out our fully managed. Please email at support at for more info.

Q. Do you offer support?

Yes, we’ve been accused of working 24/7…so yes we’re always here to help.

Q. Do these apps violate the terms of social media platforms?

When using the apps we always suggest to automate with moderation. The goal is to set an automation pattern that is commensurate to what a normal human being might do. In other words if you set the automation to something abnormal then you run the risk of putting your account in jeopardy. Please use the apps responsibly.

Q. Can you help me find the best hashtags for my Instagram account?

Yes, that is one of the essential steps we always recommend..

Q. I didn’t receive my username/password.

Please check your spam folder. If your using Gmail it may also be located in your promotions tab if you have it setup.

Q. How easy are the apps to setup and run?

All the apps have a slight learning curve…but if can use facebook or your smart phone then you can setup and run the apps…if not OR you’re to busy try our done-for-you-service plan or fully managed plans. Contact support at

Q. Do you offer a refund?

Yes, we offer a 60-Day refund if your not happy with what you see once your in OR you don’t find value in our platform.

Q. Are the apps safe to use?

Like anything you have to use it responsible. Our apps offer the ability to really ramp up and automate quite a few of the everyday tasks that you would normally perform manually. Similar to Hootsuite and many other services we don’t violate any Terms of Service. However if you set our software to automate to quickly then yes you increase your chances and putting your account in danger. 

Q. Do the apps have tutorials that show how to use them?

Yes, all the apps have training videos/tutorials inside their own dashboards.

Q. Can I use this for my clients?

Yes, many of our members use these to manage & automate process for their clients. Please contact us to discuss bulk licenses for the apps if you are an agency.

Q. How long does it take to see result?

We need a few hours to setup the apps and get the automation started.  This only applies if you are under our managed services plan.

Q. Do I need to give you my password for my accounts?

No, we use Zoho Vault to manage our clients passwords. We never ask nor have access to your passwords. This is only needed if we are managing the apps for you and need access to your social media accounts.

Q. How do you connect with our accounts?

We use dedicated & secure VPN networks to manage your accounts. Only on the Done-For-You plan. Please contact support for this option.

Q. How many followers can I get monthly?

We have seen accounts grow from 600 to over 5000 new followers in a month.

Q. Can we unfollow or undo any of the actions you automate or manually perform for us?

Yes, with our Done-For-You plan you always have access to the apps dashboard and can undo anything we do on your behalf.

Q. How do you choose the photos to like?

Because you have access to the apps dashboard. We suggest you add relevant hashtags in instatmate 2.0 and the photos will be chosen based on those hashtags. We will then apply these same keywords to the other apps for the other platforms that our apps automate i.e pinterest, reddit, twitter & facebook.

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