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If you’re looking for
niche marketing information
and you want to know how to find
instantly profitable, low competition niches then you’re in for a
welcome surprise.

I’ll show you my proven niche marketing blueprint using tried and true
marketing methods
from my own personal experiences building hundreds of niche
websites and publishing over 90 books.

I am about to share with you a profit generating home based business you
can run from the privacy of your home — called my
“Niche Finding Made Easy” Blueprint.
This is the EXACT same blueprint I have
used for the last 7 years to help hundreds of new entrepreneurs build their own
successful online businesses.

 When you read on you’ll discover the true
facts about:

  • Finding Profitable Niches:
    Critical Things You Need To Know About Niche Marketing

  • Niche Marketing Mistakes:
    Things You’ll Want To Be Sure To Avoid and Why

  • Niche Research:
    Simplify Your Research With My 6 Steps

  • Popular Niches Revealed:
    Why Some Niches Seem To Be Profitable But Are Not

  • Using Google For Niche Research and
    21 Google Tools You Can Use To Aid Your Niche Search
    and How To Effectively Use These Tools To Find In Demand Niches To

  • Informational Websites: How To Use These
    Websites To Confirm Your Niche Is Profitable

  • Tips For Using Popular Shopping Sites:
    Uncover Soon-To-Be Popular Products
    Before They Become Main Stream and Well-Known and Too Competitive
    to Market

  • Trending Websites: Find Out How
    Emerging Trends Can Help Influence Buyers and Purchases

  • Researching Social Media:
    Knowing How To Glean Data From Social Media Is Key To Successful Niche Marketing

  • News Websites:
    Help With Finding and Reviewing Trendy New Products

  • Offline Marketing Research:
    How To Properly Use It To Solidify Data Results

  • My Niche Marketing Tips:
    What I Personally Use and Highly Recommend To Use

  • My Personal Recommendations:
    Dos and Don’ts To Maximize Profitability
    and to Ensure Your Niche Marketing Success!

  • Plus a whole lot MORE!

You Can Find
Profitable Niches With My Method

For Whatever You
Want To Do Online!

Whether you are looking to write/publish a book,
build a website/blog,

set up a membership site, build an online shop or perhaps create

audio products or videos to sell.

In a nutshell…

I’ll be talking about all the terminology,
research methods, online and offline tools, and niche marketing
expertise you’ll need to know how to do. I’ll simplify finding and
verifying the profitability of a new niche or niche product too.

I’ll cover in great detail: exposing the facts and the pros and cons of niche
marketing, as well as how to avoid many of the mistakes new niche
marketers make.

I’ll cover specific instructions on how to
use various online and offline resources to verify a niche is
profitable, how to determine the demand for a product and the proper
product pricing.

I’ll even show you many little known research
websites which will help you to verify your research results are correct
and the niche is really profitable (I’ll even show you how I test my niches for
) before you spend the money to build a website.


Profitable Niches
Are Easy To Find If

An Expert Niche
Marketer Shows You How!


Whether you need some extra
cash to pay a few bills or want to earn a second income with niche
marketing this will work for you.

Here’s what’s real.

If you
know what niche marketing mistakes to avoid…

…And you can follow instructions
to do the niche research steps in the right order to find
niches which are in demand  then…you can
those products for a profit.


Profitable Niche Websites
Can Make Money…


So why did I decide to create this ‘Finding Niches Made
Easy’ Marketing Blueprint?

Aspiring Business Owners (especially
newbies) have contacted me over the years to find out how I
specifically research my niches in which I build my
highly successful online niche websites and publishing niche books.

Because so many people wanted this critical information,
I finally decided to share my proven Easy Niche Finding Methods in a
comprehensive Niche Marketing Blueprint.

This Blueprint is jam packed with detailed Niche Researching Expertise.

It covers all of the things you’ll
need to know to easily and efficiently research and identify
profitable niches.

The blueprint includes in depth coverage on all of
these “need-to-know” items:

Finding niches christine clayfield

But how do you know for sure I know what I am talking
about and it is worth your time to listen to me?

I always like to prove what I say, so here are a few
of my books, Number 1.

A pictures says more than a thousand words…..
in this case, a screenshot says more than a thousand words! Here is
proof that I am qualified to teach you about niche marketing; I am
showing you some of my products number 1: on, on, on Amazon Kindle and on Google.


 #1 Amazon Ranking of My Mini
Labradoodle book…


christine clayfield

 #1 Amazon Ranking of My
Micro Pig

niche marketing by christine clayfield

# 1 Google Ranking of My Micro Pig

christine clayfield publishing book

So although I showed you two pet related ebooks above I
also create and sell books and webiste in many other niches.

In My Niche
Finding Blueprint,

I Expose 18 of My
Own Niches and How I Found Them

Here Are A Few More Of
My Niches, Number # 1:

These are all my books, published
under a pen name.

African Pygmy Hedgehog Niche:
Number 1

christine clayfield niches

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Niche:
Number 1

christine clayfield niches

Flying Squirrels Niche: Number

christine clayfield niche markets

Osteophytes Niche: Number 1

christine clayfield how to find niches

Korsakoff Syndrome Niche:
Number 1

christine clayfield niche marketing made easy

Sundown Dementia Niche: Number 1

niche finding made easy

I am showing you
these results because I want you to see that I DO talk the talk and walk
the walk. With all the scammy products you can buy, you never know who
you can believe! I hope I have proven to you that you can believe me. I
practice what I preach every single day.

Each one of these niches was born with one of
the methods I explain in my Niche Finding Blueprint

OK, that’s all niche and good being Number 1 but….

How Much Can You Earn With A Profitable

I always like to prove what I say, so here are few of my successful
earning products and my income proof for them right on this page.

Let’s see how much profit you can make from an
informative niche book, published with my niche marketing and self-publishing methods. To show you
that I earn money on AUTOPILOT, I have scanned an income sheet of my
“older” books from my sales.

As you can see, on the screenshot above, I have
earned $2,412.48 in one month, just from 2 books. This is only from ONE
income source of those books:
(you can see it says USD Transactions on the top).

I could show you income screenshots from,
sales from the eBooks, sales from the Kindle, Clickbank affiliate sales,
etc. (But I don’t want to give you 10 pages of earning screenshots, I
hope you are getting the idea just with this one screenshot how profitable niches can be).

My Pigeon Passion racing pigeon book was
published in Aug 2010, so over 3 1/2 years later I
still earn money for doing NOTHING. This book earned me $1,294.38
in December 2013.

My Micro Pigs book was published in March 2011, so over 3 years later, I
still earn money for doing NOTHING. This book earned me $1,148.40
in December 2013.

Total :
$2,442.78 NET PROFIT in one month from two books and
only one sales channel.

Total profit since the
niche product was created:

Pigeon Book: $1,294.38 x 45 months = $58,247.10

Pig Book : $1,148.40 x 37 months = $42,490.80

That’s $100,737.90 NET PROFIT from
2 books in 2 different niche markets.

Each one of these niches was born with one of the
methods I explain in my Niche Finding Blueprint


My Profits
From Clickbank Niche eBook Sales…

Here’s a peek inside my inbox for Clickbank sales, 21 sales in
just 4 days (6th Jan – 10th Jan). $49.95 per eBook x 21 = $1,048.95 profits in just 4 days.

My niches cover a wide and varied range of topics with over 90 different
niches so far!

Profits – Truly Autopilot Profits

Self-publishing and finding niches for books is the best
thing I have ever done in internet marketing for income on AUTOPILOT.
 I publish the book and I simply do, well,
absolutely nothing, once it is published. No traffic headaches, no
social media, no backlinks.

So if you know how to pick the right niche and create a good product to
sell — high profits are possible.

Imagine this…

…You’re using the knowledge you’ll gain from my proven
Niche Marketing Made Easy Blueprint to find profitable niches to make
easy sales!

But that is only…if someone that knows how to
find and take advantage of these possible profits in these in demand
niches shows you how!


If this sounds
like something

like to try then please read on…

Remember, this is just a very small sampling of what you’ll learn
inside my niche marketing blueprint. The great thing is you can work when
you want and for as many hours as you want. It’s ALL up to you.

Whatever you do to make money online, you need to do the niche research right
(or show your outsourcer how to do it correctly) and that is where this ‘Niche
Finding Made Easy’ Blueprint is exactly what you need.

But giving you just a few tips on how to do
niche research and selection just isn’t enough, is it?

Now with that thought in mind…  Wouldn’t it be great if you could
find someone who could…


Simplify niche
marketing into easy to understand steps?


Just know it makes no difference
what your age is, where you live in the world, or your educational background, because I can show anyone how to do this!

That’s where I come in…

christine clayfield picture
My name is Christine Clayfield.

I have been an Internet marketer for over 7 years now and I
absolutely l o v e it.

I strongly believe in this tip, whatever business you are in: always
learn from people who have proven that they know what they are talking

Ask yourself: “Did they prove that they know their stuff?” or “How much
money has he/she earned?”

I can help you understand this whole
Niche Marketing
thing can be — a lot easier to understand and DO!

But first, let me be honest here…

I started with absolutely zero experience or knowledge and I am
living proof that with
enough determination and the right information
, anyone can
make money online.


Here’s A Rare
Opportunity To

Tap Into The Mind Of

Niche Marketer!


Want more proof of my income?

Simply visit
and opt-in to see my bank
account. I promise I will not flood your inbox with crappy affiliate
links, just not my style! My income does not come from sending affiliate
links to my subscribers but from multiple sources of income of my own

Now that we have that out of the way…

Let’s get back to your new

Niche Business



chistine clayfield finding niches

Only 6 Simple Steps
to Follow To Find A New Niche &

177 Places To Find New

You can find niches for whatever you want to do

Whether you are looking to write/publish a book, build a

set up a membership site, build an online shop or perhaps create

audio products or videos to sell!

Now if you are skeptical that is fine.

I know
how you feel. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars myself
on crappy products.

I am giving you the vast knowledge from building hundreds of websites
in over 90 niches. I leave nothing out. I tell you EXACTLY how I found
my niches.

Niche Marketing Research Discovery!

What I’ve discovered over 6 years of trial and error from hundreds of
websites and niche marketing books is condensed inside the “Finding
Niches Made Easy” book you’ll receive today

You can benefit from the profit generating
results I’ve uncovered when I used my own “Niche Marketing Made Easy
Blueprint”! Your light bulb idea for a niche needs to be filled
with money to make it profitable!

Your Step By Step Blueprint
To Building

A Profitable Online Business…

With my simple and easy to follow instructions and down to earth
“tell-it-like-it-is” techniques and strategies you can get started immediately,
the EXACT same way I’m doing it today!

I’ve included my own proven Niche Research Methods — to ensure you’ll have all
the knowledge you’ll need.

You’ll quickly learn what to do and how to do it and why — with nothing left to

No second guessing what to
do next. No theories. No confusion about anything!

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll discover…

  • Profitable Niche Marketing Explained In Detail:

    Get the inside scoop on proven Niche Selection research and marketing
    methods. Find out how to easily monetize those niches for profit and get my
    proven “Finding Niches Made Easy Blueprint”.

  • Niche Research Methods and Explained In Detail:

    Find out the pros and cons of different research methods and what I have
    proven works with producing over 90 niche products! Everything is explained in
    easy-to-understand words so nothing is hard to understand.

  • Niche Marketing Mistakes and Myths:

    More new marketers fail due to making simple research mistakes
    that are easily avoidable. Find out how to avoid common mistakes, pitfalls and
    the myths and what to do instead to ensure you use the right research tools with
    the right research methods so you select a niche market you can win with.

  • How To Use Google For Niche Selection: 21 Google Tools you can use to help with your niche selection research
    and how to effectively use these tools to save time and frustration. 

  • Informational Websites New and Innovative Research Strategies:

    How to use informational websites to verify if a niche is profitable or not and
    what products the consumers desire and may want to buy.

  • Tips For Using Popular Shopping Sites To Find Products Before Everyone Else

    Discover how to uncover the new and Soon-To-Be Popular Products
    before they become main stream and well-known and too competitive
    to bring to market. This is the key to being able to massively profit
    with product launches.

  • Trending Websites To Identify Trends For Rising Popularity In Products:

    Trends can mean big money if you are promoting products that are on a rising
    trend. Find out how to use rising and failing trends to determine the right time
    to start and stop promoting a product.

  • Researching Social Media and How To Leverage Social Media For Maximum Profits:

    Becoming an Expert Social Media Researcher will help you to
    understand how to successfully leverage the massive amounts of information
    available on social media websites. Knowing how to separate the critical
    marketing information from the fluff is what is covered.

  • News Websites and Little Known Methods For Researching Product Popularity:

    When you use the blueprint you will know how to sort out new and
    popular products (and avoid promoting a dud!). Covers how to use News Websites to
    confirm the viability of a trendy new product.

  • Offline Marketing Research and How To Understand Your Own Marketing Area:

    You can use your own personal experiences to find easy to make
    money from little known niches. Personal
    experiences and needs can point the way to under developed niches you can profit

  • My Personal Recommendations:
    Dos and Don’ts To Maximize Profitability
    and to Ensure Your Niche Marketing Success!

  • My Niche Marketing Tips:
    What I Personally Use and Highly Recommend

And that’s just a short list of what you will be getting!

Now you’re probably wondering… “If this Blueprint is as good as you say it is, do I get some sort of guarantee so I can
try it and judge for myself”?

You’ll Love It Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee!

Quite honestly, I believe so strongly that
“Finding Niches Made Easy Blueprint” can help you easily research and build niche
products and websites for your online business. But if after you buy it and you’re not completely convinced
I am giving you a generous 60 Day, 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee, you’ll love
it or
I’ll buy it back no questions asked.

I’m No Genius, If I Can Do
This You Can Too!

Listen, I’m no genius. Just an
average, working class lady who wanted a lot more money and free time.

When I
wrote my first ebook I had no
special skills or abilities to speak of
and nothing more than a high school
What I do can easily be learned and duplicated by anyone with the
ambition and desire to start living a better life and build their own business.

The bottom line is this…

Whether you’ve been struggling to find a way to earn some quick extra cash or
generate an extra income here’s
a 100% legitimate and proven way to do it!

If you follow the blueprint you can
be successful. But first don’t take it from me, here are comments about my Niche
Blueprint from people who have bought it.


“Wow, I am impressed! I have never come across a book with everything so
well explained about how to find niches. You clearly know what you are talking
about. Brilliant job! Thanks.”

~ George Hutchinson

“Your book does exactly what is says on the cover:
explaining how to find niches. Your 6 steps are so simple and so easy to do that
I feel stupid not having done this myself before. I’ve already found 2 new
niches that I am going to work on. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Maria Windelmanw

“I always had problems finding profitable niches.
Not any more! Everything is so clearly explained. This is the most useful book
about the topic I have ever read! Well worth the price.”

~ Paul Anderson

“Finding niche markets has always been a problem
for me but now I understand it all much better. Your logic simply makes sense. I
appreciate you showing so many of your own niches. I have NEVER seen any
internet marketer doing that. I take my hat goes off to you. Superb book with
tons of resources.”

~ Sandra Costonale


Are You Ready To Get Started
Right Now?

With the “Finding Niches Made Easy” Blueprint you
will get step-by-step instructions on how to properly research and identify
profitable niches. You can use this information to build your own successful
profitable Niche Marketing Business.

OK, Now Here’s The Deal…

You want to get your own profitable Niche Business started right, don’t you? 

Sooner or later you’re going to realise the
benefit of having an expert niche marketing coach to help you get your new Niche Business
off to a good start!

This proven blueprint is packed with Profit Making Niche Marketing Knowledge!

Once you buy the blueprint you’ll be excited when you use the simple 6 steps to
find profitable niches for your business.
Soon you will be adding new products to your business faster than you ever thought possible!

But that is not all!

This Is My

You will discover my 6 step method for
finding niches. Exactly the same method that I use for ALL my niche

You’ve probably already made up your mind about buying this…

The very fact you’ve read this far means you know the value of
this proven blueprint.
Get the expert knowledge you need to turn your
dreams for your own online niche business into reality!

You’ll get to use my private
Profit Making Niche Marketing Expertise  —  it’s my
proven blueprint handed to you on a silver platter.

I used this EXACT blueprint I use every day to find niches.

You’ll get
via instant download right to your computerYou can have the critical blueprint you’ve been looking for right at your finger tips!


What you’ll want to buy with all the new cash you’ll be earning.

Make sure you get this right now so you can avoid making mistakes most
new internet marketers make.
Get ready to create new products for your niche websites and know people will buy what you’re

You have a fantastic opportunity to get this now.

Buy the ‘Blueprint’.

You’ll be delighted with how quick and
easy it is
to as you follow the step-by-step

With the expert knowledge you will receive today you’ll soon…

Be proud of your own niche marketing business!

The good news is it’s far cheaper
than you think!

You only pay only a measly $49.97!

Lock in your low one time price now!

As soon your payment of $49.97 is processed you will receive my eBook and you be able to read all the materials inside the ‘Blueprint’. 

You’ll get started fast and I promise it is easier to do niche marketing — once
someone shows you how!

Its great when you realise you’ve decided to buy a quality product, isn’t it?

Take advantage of the low

You can’t leave this page empty handed can you?

Click the
button below and get started building new Niche Websites right now!

Christine, please count
me in

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Give Me Instant Access To

Finding Niches Made Easy!

I Want To Learn How To Find New Hot Profitable Niches

christine clayfield scam


Only $49.97

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be reading it in seconds on your computer.

There is no shipping
charges, no waiting!

Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the eBook

christine clayfield

To Your New Niche Marketing Business

Christine Clayfield

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk to you.

Go ahead and check it out for
60 full days. If you’re not overjoyed with it by then I’ll give every penny back no questions asked.

Jump on this now and get it today!

Only 6 Simple Steps
To Find A Profitable Niche &

177 Places To Find New

Only $$49.97

( approx. £29, Euro 36)



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