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Introducing Six Figure Inc.

Learn how to monetize your knowledge, create a digital information product and build a location-independent, online business in as little as the next 90 days…

Six Figure Inc is my personal digital product online business blueprint (that I’ve generated millions of dollars with over the past few years), broken down into an easy-to-follow online course to help you get started building your own online business and making your first sales.

Here’s A Peek Of What You’ll Get Inside The Members Area…


Week 1: The Mindsets For Success

(This will greatly increase your chances to succeed!)

Having the proper mindset is the foundation for success and that’s why the first week’s training is dedicated to various mindsets and principles that will help you be more successful with building your online business in the following weeks and months to come.

I understand that you might want to dive straight into making your own product and skip this section, but I highly recommend that you complete it. I was once the person who skipped this kind of training, and I can vouch that it cost me greatly. So don’t skip it, it’ll make the rest of your journey much easier.

I’ll show you, in-depth:

  • Why you should think BIG and focus on the long-term.
  • How to focus on giving value and solving problems.
  • My best productivity tips and hacks to get more done in less time.
  • Nutrition & sleep hacks to maximize energy and focus
  • How to identify and destroy limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • How to avoid and deal with failure and setbacks
  • The ultimate motivation you can always turn to
  • And much more…


Week 2: The Infoproduct Blueprint

In week 2 we’ll cover the entire infoproduct blueprint from start to finish so you’ll have a thorough understanding of the business model and have a clear path to follow for your own business.

You’ll also see analysis of several real-world examples of 6 figure, 7 figure and even 8 figure infoproduct businesses in different niches to you’ll have inspiration and practical examples to model.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • The entire infoproduct blueprint, start to finish
  • My very recent, personal infoproduct case study
  • A 7 figure real-world infoproduct business in the fitness niche, focused on the Dutch market.
  • An 8 figure real-world digital product business in the bizopp space
  • Where to find virtually unlimited amounts of examples of successful infoproducts you can learn from.
  • The best platforms with millions of customers you can instantly tap into and benefit from…
  • And much more…


Week 3 – Niche Selection

In week 3 we’ll cover niche selection in detail. This is a very important part of building a successful business and getting this right from the start will greatly help you achieve success much faster.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • How to know whether a niche will convert BEFORE you choose it.
  • A dive into evergreen, emotional and urgent niches.
  • The niches to absolutely avoid starting a business in.
  • Spy tools – how to spy on your competition.
  • How to choose a niche that combines your passion with profits…
  • And much more…


Week 4 – Crafting Your Offer

In week 4 you’ll learn what makes a good offer. You’ll get a crash course in copywriting and sales fundamentals and you’ll see three of the most common sales mediums that you’ll use to sell your products and services: sales letters, VSL’s and webinars.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • The golden rule of a successful offer.
  • What makes an offer irresistible.
  • A crash course in sales & selling.
  • My best copywriting tips and resources.
  • How to create a sales letter.
  • How to create a VSL (video sales letter)
  • How to create a webinar
  • And much more…


Week 5 – Making Your Infoproduct

In week 5 you’ll learn exactly how to actually create your infoproduct. You’ll learn about the various different types of products you could create and how to create them from start to finish.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • How to plan the creation of your product so the whole thing is fast, easy and pain-free.
  • How to plan the delivery method of your digital product.
  • The tools needed to create your digital product. (No great tech skills required.)
  • My best product-creation tips.
  • And much more…


Week 6 – How To Generate Traffic

In week 6 you’ll learn all about generating traffic and lead flow for your online business. Various strategies are covered, both paid and organic, so that you’ll be sure to find a strategy that suits your budget and personality.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • A detailed introduction to traffic generation.
  • Paid traffic and organic traffic strategies
  • A comprehensive introduction to Facebook ads.
  • Google Adwords strategies.
  • Youtube advertising explained.
  • Organic Youtube traffic strategies.
  • An introduction to Bing advertising
  • And much more…


Week 7 – Preparing Your Product Launch

In week 7 you’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare your product for launch. Whether you have an existing audience or following you can launch to or whether you’re starting off from scratch, you’ll learn the best way to launch your product and start making sales.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • A detailed introduction to product launches.
  • How to launch a product without an audience.
  • How to launch to your existing audience.
  • 4-Step video launch funnel.
  • Which payment processing solutions to use.
  • How to create high-converting checkout forms.
  • How to setup and integrate your email autoresponder.
  • How to create high-converting squeeze pages.
  • Webinar platforms and how to setup LIVE webinars.
  • Live chat integration and support helpdesk platforms.
  • And much more…


Week 8 – Launching Your Product

In week 8 you’ll learn the practical steps and process of launching your product and making your first sales.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • My best tips for launching a digital product.
  • Setting up your launch ads and emails.
  • How to best collect data and gather feedback.
  • How to stay on top of customer support requests.
  • And much more…


Week 9 – Evergreen Sales Funnel

In week 9 you’ll learn how to create an evergreen sales funnel so you no longer need to rely on once-off launches and you can build a sustainable, predictable revenue stream that runs 24/7/365.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • An introduction to evergreen sales funnels.
  • Split-testing sales mediums.
  • An introduction to automated webinars.
  • How to setup your automated webinar funnel.
  • An introduction to email automation.
  • Advanced email automation strategies
  • And much more…


Week 10 – Refining Your Sales Funnel

In week 10 you’ll learn how to take the feedback and data you’ve gathered up to this point and use it to improve on your sales funnel to increase conversions. This is essential for the growth and sustainability of your online business.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • Why you continuously need to refine your sales funnel.
  • Continued split-testing for increased conversions.
  • Identifying problems in your sales funnel.
  • And much more…


Week 11 – Maximum Monetization

In week 11 you’ll learn how to maximize the monetization from your sales funnel. This includes learning how to add upsells, additional products and affiliate offers.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  • Your options for maximizing profits.
  • How to create a profitable upsell offer.
  • How to create additional offers to add to your funnel.
  • How to add affiliate offers to your sales funnel.
  • And much more…



Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is a term given to promoting other people’s offers as an affiliate, and earning a commission for every sale you make. There are various advantages to being an affiliate, such as not needing to create an offer, deal with customer support and being able to choose from thousands of offers in virtually every niche imaginable.

This bonus is an introductory course to affiliate marketing & how to apply it to your infoproduct business. There are multiple ways to take advantage of affiliate marketing in combination with your online business, such as adding affiliate offers to your sales funnel to increase overall revenue per lead… or you could even build a stand-alone sales funnel based purely on the affiliate marketing principles.

Here’s a peek of what’s inside this bonus:

  • An introduction to affiliate marketing.
  • How to find affiliate programs to promote.
  • How to choose the right products to promote as an affiliate.
  • The blueprint to an affiliate marketing funnel.
  • A real-world example of an affiliate funnel set up for you in real time.
  • How to integrate affiliate marketing offers with your infoproduct funnel.
  • And much more…


Bonus 2: Six-Figure Website Flip

This bonus is a case study about purchasing multiple lower-priced existing online businesses, combining them and eventually flipping them for a six figure sum.

There are many things to learn from this and several ways to use this in combination with SFI such as learning how to acquire existing websites with followings or email lists at a bargain, so that you could then monetize with your own infoproducts and sales funnels, recoup your costs and either use to continue growing your business, or flip for a profit.

Here’s a peek of what’s inside this bonus:

  • An introduction to buying online sites and businesses for fast growth or flipping purposes.
  • What to look for when buying an online business.
  • My preferred risk reduction revenue amplification strategy for buying businesses.
  • Where to buy online businesses.
  • How to reduce your risk to capital by up to 60% when buying businesses.
  • Case study, buying and flipping online businesses for 6 figures and 250% ROI.


Bonus 3: 7 Figure Mistakes

This bonus contains incredibly valuable lessons which I’m confident have cost me over 7 figures in revenue over the last decade.

I had nobody that warned me or taught me about these dangers, and by me revealing them to you, it’s possible that it could end up saving you a small fortune as your business starts becoming more successful.

One of the mistakes is one that you can very easily setup from the start or in the early stages to be able to increase the overall revenue from every customer with minimal effort, but if you wait too long, it’ll be too late.

Another mistake I’ll share with you that cost me multiple six figures is one that can very easily be avoided with a few simple steps and processes. If you think that it’ll never happen to you because you’re smarter or more cautious than others…beware. I’ve known very smart and successful people to have been burned by this and what I’ll share with you can save you a lot of financial loss, legal trouble and disappointment.


Bonus 4: 6 Figure JV Blueprint

This bonus training is absolute gold once you have your infoproduct created and your sales funnel is proven and converted.

I’ll show you how you could potentially generate six figures with less than a day’s work.

I’ll also share with you the blueprint and step by step procedure so that once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to profit from it for a long time to come.

Yes, that sounds nuts! But it’s the truth.

Once you have this knowledge and created, and proven your process based on the blueprint, you’ll know exactly how to setup joint-venture promotions with a simple-repeatable process and potentially generate substantial revenue with just a few hours of work.


Bonus 5: My Personal Sales Funnel Templates

This is the biggest bonus of them yet, and worth more than the entire cost of Six Figure Inc itself. I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on copywriters, not to mention what I’ve invested into training, coaches, advertising and testing of offers and funnels.

So not only do you get this sales funnel template to just edit and use for your own business, but it’s based on real success and proven in the business battlefield.

You’ll get access to my entire sales funnel template. This means:

  • Webinar optin template
  • Webinar thank you page
  • Webinar powerpoint slide template
  • Webinar replay page template
  • Autowebinar email sequences
  • Product launch email sequences


Bonus 6: Ready-To-Go Sales Funnel – Just Drive Traffic

In this bonus you’ll get access to a ready-to-go infoproduct funnel that you can promote as an affiliate, all you need to do is load it up and drive traffic.

You’ll get email swipes, ad examples, and strategies to drive traffic to your affiliate link and potentially start making sales within days (especially if you’ve already got an existing audience or email list).

And even if you don’t end up driving traffic to this specific funnel, you can learn from it as another real-world example of an infoproduct sales funnel.


Bonus 7: Private Facebook Group

As the 7th bonus, you’ll get access to myself and other SFI members around the clock in our private Facebook group.

You can post your questions and engage with the community (there are many very smart, talented, insightful and successful members).

One of the fastest ways to grow that I’ve always found to work best is to get direct feedback from others. A simple post may get you observations and suggestions that you didn’t think of that could make a big improvement to your results.

Backed By An Ironclad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Look, I hope by now you’ve figured out that your success is my priority.

  • That’s why I’ve gone through so much effort to create Six Figure Inc.
  • That’s why I’ve added so many detailed training modules.
  • That’s why I’ve created multiple real-world case studies for you to learn from.
  • That’s why I’ve added thousands of dollars worth of bonus training and templates for you.

You have absolutely zero risk when you join Six Figure Inc because I want you to succeed so badly, that I’ll give you your entire purchase price back if you’re not satisfied with Six Figure Inc within the first 60 days after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know if I have enough knowledge to turn into an infoproduct to sell?

If for whatever reason you are not good at anything (which I personally don’t believe, but okay, let’s be hyptohetical for a moment), here are 3 solutions that you can apply to be able to still use the Six Figure Inc infoproduct blueprint.

1 – The first solution is that you purchase the top 5 books and online courses about a topic that you’d be interested in making an infoproduct around. If you study these books and courses, you will know more than 90-95% of the population around a topic. That gives you enough knowledge to create a very good beginners guide around that topic, where you essentially combine the various information and knowledge you’ve gained from those top 5 books and courses.

2 – The second solution could be to partner with someone who is an expert. Someone who has all the knowledge, experience and track record, and let them create the content of the product while you focus on the marketing and sales part of the business. This bypasses your personal need for knowledge, it allows you to create excellent content and a top-class solution for your audience, and it allows you to focus on building it into a successful digital product online business.

3 – The third solution is that while you are learning about your niche or while you are looking for an expert to partner with, is that you promote the successful products of other people as an affiliate. This allows you to bypass the whole process of needing to be an expert and you creating a course, and allows you to focus on driving traffic to other people’s products and generate a commission for every sale you refer. This is known as affiliate marketing and can be used completely stand-alone without having your own courses, or you can use it in combination with having your own courses.

All three of these solutions are covered and explained inside the Six Figure Inc course.

Will this work for me if I’m (insert gender/race/age/religion/nationality)?

Yes! You can use the strategies from SFI to build a global, online business no matter your background. As long as you have access to an internet connection, you’ll be able to apply the strategies.

None of the above factors of age, gender, nationality, current skill level or anything else you may be imagining are an obstacle when it comes to building an online business.

There are literally people who are heavily disabled and wheelchair-bound who are able to build a profitable online business, due to the very nature that it’s digital. There is no need for hard physical labor. Virtually anything that you need can be outsourced (writing, video creation, voiceovers, design work etc.).

I 100% believe that anyone can build a successful online business, regardless of their circumstances, provided they have the right blueprint and take enough action with enough persistence to keep going until they get the results they’re after. With the training inside SFI and my personal guidance and assistance inside the members-only private Facebook group, the odds are very much in your favor.

How much more do I need to invest in my online business after purchasing Six Figure Inc?

While it’s possible to build your empire starting with nothing but a domain ($10) and a hosting account ($12) if you have time, persistence and hustle, it would be wise to have at least $1000 in capital (additional to the SFI course investment), or two hundred dollars+ per month available to help get your business up and running as quickly as possible. This money does not go to me, but instead can be invested in tools to help automate your business, outsourcing tasks (to free up your own time) and spending money on paid advertising.

Knowing that money can be tight, inside the course I’ve dedicated an entire lesson to showing you how it’s possible to do freelance work (such as writing) and a few other strategies, to be able to generate an additional couple of hundred dollars a month that you can invest into your online business.

How long will it take to see results?

Legally I can’t guarantee or promise results of any sort, but the entire “Six Figure Inc” training is focused around helping you build your online business as quickly as possible. I even show you how to setup the foundation of a type of online business in a matter of a few hours, so if you take action, it’s entirely possible to build your own online business with the help of Six Figure Inc.

Do I need to have any special/technical skills?

No. You don’t need to be an expert at anything.

You also don’t need to be technical, be able to program, have coding or design knowledge or even any past marketing experience. The Six Figure Inc training is designed to teach you what you need to know to build your own digital product online business from scratch, and will show you where and how you can outsource almost anything that you don’t want to do yourself.

For example, if you know nothing about website design, you’ll learn how to use a platform that takes care of all the design stuff yourself and all you need to do is the marketing. Or another example… if you don’t know anything about marketing, you’ll get my personal templates that I’ve used successfully AND I’ll show you how to use them.

Will you be updating the course?

Absolutely! I plan to add a lot more training and content to the course over the coming years and turn Six Figure Inc. into the “go-to” resource to learn how to build a real online business around digital products.

If your strategies work so well, why sell them?

Multiple reasons.

The main reason for me is the fact that I never had a course like this when I started my journey. It cost me years of my time and buckets of money to figure out on my own.

For a long time I’ve wanted to create Six Figure Inc to pay it forward and help as many people as I can to build an online business and be able to live life on their terms, as I’ve been lucky enough to do the last few years.

I also believe in abundance, and that there’s more than enough money to be made. Even if 10,000 people were to learn the strategies in Six Figure Inc. there would still be enough pie for everyone to have their piece.

And of course (for full transparency), while it’s not my main motivation for creating Six Figure Inc, there is money to be made from teaching people how to start their own business.

How long do I get access to the content?

You pay once and you have access to Six Figure Inc. for as long as it exists (legally I’m not allowed to say you have access for life). This includes all upgrades and all future revisions of the course, which I’m planning to roll out at least once per year.

I’m on the fence, is this really for me?

I’d like you to project into the future. One year from now…

Imagine your future self one year from now, having achieved success. And the definition of success is whatever success means to you personally. Perhaps it’s materialistic things such as a car or a house. Perhaps it’s an amount in your bank. Perhaps it’s time freedom to be able to spend more time with your family. Perhaps it’s the ability to work on your own terms… whatever success means to you.

Now ask your future self what actions you would need to take today, to be able to become that successful version of yourself one year from now?

Perhaps it means watching less Netflix and working towards that success more…

Perhaps it means waking up earlier to focus on your dreams…

Perhaps it means taking a risk…

Whatever the answer, it’s likely that it’s based around some sort of change, because doing what you’ve always done has gotten you to where you are, not to where you want to be.

I 100% believe I can help you with your journey to the successful version of you in one year from now through my training program Six Figure Inc.

Inside SFI, you’ll get my exact blueprint that I’ve personally used to generate multiple 7 figures in sales online over the past few years and how to get started from scratch.

More than that, you’ll become part of a private, members-only community where you’ll have my support and guidance to help you get to where you want to be. You can get your questions answered and get help when you need it (from myself and all other members).

Couldn’t I figure all this out on my own?

Of course you could. That’s how I did it.

But it took me 10 years and over six figures invested in my online business education, and I’ve condensed it all into the Six Figure Inc course that you can get access to for just $997 USD.

You’ll literally be able to get access to the very best, proven strategies that I’ve personally used over and over, and get it handed to you on a silver platter, in step-by-step training format.

Additionally, you’ll get direct access to me, and all other SFI members to help guide and support you throughout your journey.

Some people say money can’t buy happiness, I disagree. While it’s technically true that you can’t go to a shop and buy a bottle of happiness, with financial abundance you have a tool to create happiness…

You can get the material things you want, such as a house, car, clothing..

You can travel around the world and experience different cultures, cuisine and sights…

You can take care of your loved ones and provide them with the best care, education and quality of life.

And you can actually use it to buy the most valuable resource of all…TIME.

When you have enough money, you could quit your job and work from anywhere so you no longer need to commute or do the 9-5.

When you have enough money, you could outsource all the chores such as laundry, housework, garden work, home repairs and anything else that otherwise takes up your time, so that you can now use that time and spend it in a way that gives you the most happiness.

I can’t give you happiness, but I can give you my blueprint on how to build a profitable online digital product business that could potentially give you all the freedom you desire.

You can get access to it right on this page, by joining Six Figure Inc today for the one-time special price of $997.

Signed with success,

Dirk “Diggy” de Bruin


Every minute you wait is another commission or sale that will go to someone else instead of into your account. Take action now and start building your own digital product online business.


If you’re still on the fence, then perhaps what some of the people I’ve worked with have to say about the methods in Six Figure Inc. will help sway you:

Act now and start learning how to build your own global, online infoproduct business in as little as the next 90 days!

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