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Now a new technology
based on ancient secret ninja stealth techniques, guard and protect
your affiliate commissions and profits using the…

Ninja Link CloakerIf
you’re an affiliate marketer, and you’ve been investing time and
money to do business online,

then you must continue reading now,

because you absolutely cannot afford to not know about the secrets
I’m about to reveal to you.

Hello affiliate!My name is Matt Haslem, and I’m an affiliate
marketer just like you. I’m sending you this message today
because a few years ago I discovered I was falling victim to
some terrible commission and profits stealing problems that
afflict affiliate marketers. 

…and you’re probably losing more of
your affiliate commissions and profits than you know too.

I’ve been affiliate marketing for a quite a while now, and if
you’re like me, you’ve got web sites, e-mail lists, and advertisements
for products on ClickBank through Adwords. 

You’ve invested a lot of time and money to learn and develop
your affiliate marketing business:

Operating review sites

• Developing and using squeeze pages

• Using blog based business strategies

• Participating in forums to generate leads and
drive traffic to your web sites

• Using Article submission strategies

• Running affiliate promotions to your e-mail

So, whether you’re just beginning to
experience affiliate marketing success, or enjoying great financial
rewards from it, you may be shocked to know that…

…I guarantee you…
…You’re leaving
the majority of

your commission income

and profits on the table!

That’s right I said the majority of your
commission in income and profits may be lost right now. You
spent a lot of time and money to acquire the knowledge of, invest
in the setup costs of, and execute affiliate marketing plans.

So I know you don’t want to throw away the majority of your
reward for your efforts. After all that’s what we’re in business
for; to earn commissions!

Why would I share my secrets with

Frankly, the reason why
I’m sharing this and making this offer to you today is because
there are two things that…

Because I absolutely hate…

· Affiliate commission

· Affiliate marketers not getting the commissions they’re

It’s really true and it drives me mad
crazy that we affiliate marketers are off promoting products,
working our tails off only to have commission thieves come in
and steal what we have worked so hard to get.

It’s also a maddening fact that many of the sales that should
have been credited to us are lost by a potential buyer bypassing
our links and going directly to the sales page of the product

How did I learn the secrets
that I’m sharing with you today?

When I started as an affiliate
marketer I learned early on that there were really only three
things that you needed to be aware of for success in affiliate
marketing; traffic, click through rates, and conversions.

Of those three things it was my belief that the only factor
that I was able to control was traffic generation. So the
majority of my efforts were spent SEO, Adwords, creating review
web sites, doing article submission, and building my e-mail

After I got all of my affiliate marketing systems in place and
I built some pretty healthy traffic to my web sites. I
was doing regular e-mail list promotions and beginning to make
some pretty good money.

But little did I know there was
still something holding me back…

The fact of the matter was, my ads weren’t getting clicked enough. And
if they were not getting clicked I was losing commissions.

I was truly excited about this new affiliate marketing success…
but I was clueless to the amount of sales and I was actually
missing out on.

A Google slap leads to
(and profitable)


Like many marketers, early on, I was trying everything including
some techniques that would be considered by Google as “Black
Hat.” And like many marketers online, I too feel the heavy
hand of the Google.

In less than one month, I saw my web site
traffic drop dramatically, but incredibly my sales were almost

10 times what they used
to be

The truth of the matter is that being
penalized by Google caused me to focus on the other two thirds
of the affiliate marketing equation that being click through
rates and conversion. I was making several common mistakes
and falling victim to the same problems of many affiliate marketers

Then I found out some income boosting
truths About stolen and lost affiliate commissions…

Each income boosting truth reveals a challenge
that impacts your bottom line, but now there’s a solution that
turns the problems into opportunities to explode your affiliate

Income boosting Truth #1:

Ugly links kill click-through rates
and sales

What do I mean by that? Well the actual
affiliate Link URL that you get from the owner of the product
or service to use, is at the heart of the problem. It’s
long, or it’s confusing, its ugly or just plain weird.

Typical Affiliate Links Look Like This:

 or or or


Why does knowing it’s
an affiliate link kill sales?

Studies have shown that ugly affiliate
links reduce click through rates dramatically for several reasons.

unsightly, usually long, and just confusing to normal people. 

People don’t want you to get a commission

And as frustrating as it is, when people realize that that’s
an affiliate link, they resent the fact that you’re going to
make a commission when they go to the actual product site.

And so they do what all turned
off potential buyers do…

They don’t do anything
at all or they or go

somewhere else to find what they want,

resulting in lost commissions for you

Some people have asked me:

“Isn’t this offer tricking
buyers, by not letting them know you’re getting a commission?”

…and my answer to that concern is: spot

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage #1

Stay completely cloaked and

That’s the beauty of is. The whole
point of this offer is to fly under the radar as an affiliate
and stay completely hidden. 

If they know you’re getting money, it’ll kill sales. 

However if they think you’re just sending them to web
site because you highly recommend it, and they think you’ve
got no other motives, purchase rates will max out.

The greatest advantage of a Ninja is
the ability to be unseen

When I created this
product I was trying to my affiliate links from the traffic
that was generating, but I got a surprise bonus and that
I found out it it has also tricked product owners who
I’ve affiliated for.

I’ve actually had product owners contact me in a state
of confusion and ask me:


What happened to your affiliate links??

I was on your site today, and noticed

you’ve taken down ALL your affiliate

links and are now sending people straight

to our website.

The weird thing is however, your commission

payout this week has almost doubled…

if your not using the affiliate links

anymore, how are you doing this?”


Income Boosting Truth

The majority of all affiliate commissions
are lost or stolen

After all the work you
do as an affiliate to promote a product, the only way you’ll
get credit for the sale and the consequential commissions due
for it, is if the sale comes through your affiliate link.

If someone sees your marketing and then goes around your link
to the site, you’ve lost a hard won commission you are due.
But what’s even worse is when the sales that should be attributed
to your affiliate linked are actually stolen by affiliate link
thieves, unscrupulous product owners or lost by mismanagement.

Unscrupulous affiliate commission thieves swap your affiliate
code for their own costing you hard earned profits and commissions. It’s
a lot like identity theft, except they are stealing you affiliate
identity and corresponding commissions.

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage #2

Being completely unseen will
make your path safer to walk down

Beyond not turning off potential
buyers with an ugly affiliate links there are other advantages
to not being seen. One of the advantages is obvious; they
cannot steal what they cannot see.

What makes the Ninja
Link Cloaker superior?

Other link cloaking software out there
claim to hide affiliate links, but there’s always a flaw,
a simple “gotcha” which holds it back.

The affiliate links are either seen in the message status
bar, or they
would be found at the end of the browser address 

Other sites were simply framed within another site, and
with a simple tap of the right click on the mouse &
view source, all is revealed.

But with the NinjaLink
Cloaker the visitor lands on a real domain, the actual
domain name of the product.

The Ninja Link Cloaker

Hides Your Affiliate Link

Affiliate Links:

Ninja Affiliate Links However Redirect To:

Once I developed
The Ninja Link Cloaker software to hide my affiliate links,
I applied it to all of my sites, and what happened next
was nothing less than amazing.

Of course conversion rates went up because visitors weren’t
seeing a ugly domain names in the browser bar any longer,

but it didn’t stop there… My reviews sites started to
be seen as legitimate reviews of products, and as I wasn’t
just in it to earn commissions!

This change in the perception of

affiliate promotion and efforts led to the next

powerful income boosting discovery…


Income Boosting Truth #3:

Most affiliate marketers
are constrained to sending their prospects to lame squeeze pages
and less than compelling sale messages resulting in more lost

Affiliate marketing can sometimes be like
a battle where you’re fighting for your commissions and profits.
Seriously, sometimes being a marketer
has been compared with being a warrior, battling with your competition
for every opportunity, commission and profit. 

Sadly though, if you’re not the superior and better-equipped
marketing-warrior you’re going to lose a lot more battles than
you would otherwise. And the bottom line at your bank account
will show it. 

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage #3

Always wield the superior
weapon whenever possible

Now that I had the Ninja
Link Cloaker I was no longer constrained with linking
to the typical products promotion pages that the product
owners gave to their affiliates.

Be the superior marketer

by wielding the superior marketing weapons

Like ninja warriors
whose Katana Swords are legendary for their strength and
effectiveness in battle, great marketers also utilize
superior weapons in the battle for commissions and profits.

Ordinary affiliate links allow you to ONLY link to their
sales page. The Ninja Link Cloaker allows you to link
to ANY page, and still get commissions for your sales.
This means you can get commission by sending people to
articles, or even your own superior sales page!

The best affiliate marketers in
the world

always sweeten the deals

Savvy Internet affiliate
marketers understand that if you compelling offer with
a series of no-brainer must have bonuses the chances of
success are much greater.

There are many different strategies the affiliate marketers
can use that have in fact oftentimes made them the better
salespeople of the product even over the owners themselves!

This is so under the radar, visitors will never
suspect an affiliate activity at all
! You could
just send out a friendly email telling them to check out
a new article, which has been written, and if they buy
from that site, you’ll still be getting the commissions!

Now I always knew my software meant I wasn’t constrained
with linking to the products promotion page. I could link
them where ever I want. So i did.

Everytime the product owner released a new article. I’d
promote the article to my email lists and at the same
time secretly receive commissions.

I didn’t stop there though…

I decided to take conversion one giant leap further.


Income Boosting Truth

Being limited to linking only
to the product owners promotional sites and sales copy cost
me money

After years of following
Internet marketing, the flaws in a lot of the products websites
I was promoting seemed clearly obvious. Weak headlines, poor
copy, and sometimes even a lack of a sales page all were greatly
affecting my conversions! Once again, factors I thought I had
no control over.

Here’s where it gets even better…

Linking directly to”PAYMENT PAGES”

My software had opened
up a ton of new doors in my promotions, and I was now able to
make my OWN sales pages, and within them…

…direct people straight to the payment
page and get commissions.

Secret Ninja Stealth Advantage # 4 

Being Hidden allows you to strike
from almost anywhere

as being able to link to my own custom salespages, I could
also link DIRECTLY to the payment pages using my own custom
buy buttons…

The power of the Buy Buttons

I could now put ‘Buy Now’
buttons directly on my websites, in my emails, on my blogs,
and have visitors go directly to the payment page, without
missing out on my hard earned commissions.

And this is a great option if you’ve already pre-sold
the product or used an email campaign, and don’t want
your readers being distracted by the product owners poor
sales page.

The distinguishable line
between the affiliate, and the product owner was not just
blurred, it was

completely gone…

I’d now get people emailing
ME asking about MY product! My product?? But I don’t sell
dog training, knitting guides, weight loss programs…
These were products I knew absolutely nothing
about. But they all thought I was the seller!


My secret ninja affiliate weapon
to boosting

sales, commissions and profits.

Once I began to use my new software tool
that utilizes ancient ninja stealth strategies, and I saw dramatic
increase in my click through rate, conversions, and my income.

I quit my full time job spend my time now doing whatever I want
to do. And have been enjoying success as an affiliate in several
different niche markets.

So, who else wants to stop commission

link bypassing and earn 95% more commissions?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re already
a successful affiliate marketer and you make a lot of money,
that’s great news. But imagine how much better it could
be with up to 95% more commissions than you’re getting now.

And if you’re a struggling affiliate marketer, trying to figure
out how to succeed, you can’t afford to miss this message. This
may be the very thing that puts you over the top
makes you the affiliate success you’ve dreamed of being.

Want to Stop Commission Thieves Now!

OK, you’re probably wondering the obvious;

how much does The Ninja Link Cloaker cost and

how can I get my hands on it?

link cloaker

I don’t think there’s any
need to hide the price or to sugar coat things. There’s definitely
no need to justify our price. No need to ramble on about perceived
value and how this is worth a ton more than what we’re selling
it for.

Why?Because the Ninja Link Cloaker will cost
only $67!!

Yup, this killer piece of software is
going to be LAUNCHED at a dirt cheap price. And when you factor
in how much commission theft and affiliate link bypassing it’ll
save you, it’s a no-brainer must have.

you must hurry
as I am only selling 500 copies

and they will go fast!

With only 500 copies available, we expect
these to sell out pretty fast. But now you know the
price is no longer an issue
, things are only going
to sell out even faster…

Want One of The 500 Copies Right Now!

Now You Have The Secret
Ninja Stealth Advantages

Working For You Too!

Ninja Link Cloaker Will…

· Hide
your ugly sales killing affiliate links

· Protect your affiliate links away from thieves
looking to steal your commissions

· Give you the competitive advantage of being
able to link to your own sale pages and other marketing
materials and to avoid lame product promotion pages

· Make it possible for you to strike from
anywhere with linking order buttons and link from anywhere
directly to the order page.

Ninja Link Cloaker

Now, Only



You’ll receive instant

to your software, even if it’s 2am

in the morning!

What do our marketer-testers, who were
lucky enough

to get theirs hands on a copy early, have to say

about the Ninja Affiliate Link Cloaker?
“The Software Rocks”


Thankyou so very much for letting me test out this
software! The software rocks! I thought it’d be
only fair to include a screen shot of how things
have improved for me.

This is the results
I got from my golfing blog..

(I started using the ninja links on March 15th if
it’s not obvious)


Greg Sanders

Forthworth, Texas


Want To get These Kind of Results Too!

“So Easy a Kid Can
Use It!”


Matt… What can I say. ‘So
easy a kid can use’. Literally. I’ll fess up here
and say sure I might be a bit of a geek for a 13-year
old, but testing this out with my 9-year old cousin
wielded the same results. I copy, I paste, it’s
cloaked – and my conversion
rates SOAR
. You da man, Matt! (Glad to
hear you’re limiting availability by the way…
This stuff is crazy!)

David Wilkinson

Manchester , UK


“Saved my Career as an Affiliate


would be a little over the top to say this
tool saved my live, but it did save
my ‘career’as an affiliate marketer
After being let down by several link cloaking
tools it appeared they didn’t convert my affiliate
links like they promised.

I switched
to some online link cloaking services. With
one of those services down permanently, and
another one hacked, I was about to give up
on link cloaking all together… risking to
lose a big part of my affiliate income.

But then this
little tool came along, allowing me to cloak
all my affiliate links – even my Clickbank
links – and giving me the opportunity to make
the URL of my cloaked link fit my site entirely.
I’m ready to go for another round of affiliate

Mieke Janssens


“I Can’t Thank You Enough!”


Hello Matt,

I can’t thank you enough! After downloading and
using your software, I can clearly see how the software
can help me. I think this would work well in my
aritcle and blog submissions.

I can write
a review about a product or service and make it
look like I am sending them to the site reviewed
and not my affiliate link
. This is awesome!

Chad Van Norman

“Top Affiliate Challenge Contestant”


“Works like a dream….”


Great, works like a dream and much easier to use as compared to other link cloaking programs out there. Plus, Matt walks you though every step and provides outstanding customer service. If only all software programs (and their creators) lived up to the hype like this one.

Spencer White, MBA

Georgia, United States


“Better than the Competitors….”


Rock on, I just got my copy!

I have a few (affliate link cloakers) already like
PowerlinkGenerator but I have found that when “recommends”
is put in the url it puts people off
I always said why can`t I find something that totally
hides the link and this seems to be perfect.

Andrew Murphy

S Wales, United Kingdom


“Totally Stealth ….”


This product goes a long way
in making you look professional. This cloaker is
totally stealth. I have

seen nothing like it on the market anywhere!

Get it today! While you’re at it, get the Advanced
Video’s because you and your business are worth

Dave Hollis

Monterey, California


” Finally, an nice
clean URL & the user has

no idea they hit an affiliate link”


It’s about time someone
figured out how to properly cloak!

I’ve messed with
php scripts and redirects, other cloakers, etc….but
none of them could figure out how to truncate
the “?hop” in the URL. The frame redirects looked
ok, but serious affiliates know what frame redirects
can do to sales using the latest browsers.

Ninja Cloaker is sweet! Finally,
an nice clean URL (that of the merchant I might
ad), and the user has no idea they hit

an affiliate link.

Rian Brooklyn

Tokyo, Japan


” …Great Support ”


It’s about time someone
figured out how to properly cloak!

The software is great but the back up is even better.

I contacted support when I had trouble with Ninja Cloaker recently (it was my fault, I’d done something wrong).

Within minutes I received a reply with the solution to the problem. Great support.

Gary Boniface

London, United Kingdom


me my Bonuses Right Now!

Ok, lets summarize what you’ve got here…

Ninja Link Cloaker

You pay us the ridiculously low price
of $67 for The Ninja Link Cloaker and you get a software solution
that will accelerate your affiliate marketing success by:
· Hiding your ugly affiliate links
to boost click through rates & sales

· Protecting your affiliate links from thieves looking
to steal your commissions

· Giving you a competitive advantage of being able to link
to your own superior sale pages and other marketing materials
and to avoid lame product promotion pages

· Making it possible for you to strike from anywhere with
linking order buttons and linking from anywhere directly to
the order page.

forget the “500 Copies Promise”

· When we hit 500 copies
sold, the launch will be over and we’ll be taking the software
off the market.

get the fast Action Bonuses Worth $341:

Fast action Bonus #1

· Pro upgrades! Value: $97Fast action Bonus #2· Free Technical Support Value:
Super Secret Fast action Bonus #3· Ninja Link”How
To” Videos Value $47

its all backed up with my 100% cast iron, no questions

asked, zero risk guarantee.

the Ninja Link Cloaker Now”

You’ll receive instant

to your software, even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Your 100%,
No Risk, No Questions Asked,

Money-Back Guarantee

you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing,
let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy
of this superb software is covered by my 100%
cast iron, no questions asked, zero risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 56 days, you
decide that this software does not meet your requirements,
just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund
your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 8 weeks to check out
all this great software for yourself, with no
risk whatsoever

In other words… you have everything
to gain
and nothing to lose!



P.S. If you’re
ready to stop losing up to 95% of your affiliate commissions,

you’re ready to stop sending your prospective buyers to bad
sales pages…

& you’re ready to become the superior marketer and wield
the superior marketing weapons that make the top-notch affiliate
marketers Rich, then


P.P.S Just
so you know, I’m a real person and I really do make most of
my money as an affiliate. I WANT to hear from you. I want to
be your friend.

You Can Reach Me Easily

(fastest response)

the Ninja Link Cloaker Now”



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