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  • You’ve been hearing about the IoT. Now it’s time for you to cash in…
  • This 12-Chapter 160+ page eBook contains valuable information about all the latest aspects of the IoT, trends, developments, and how it will affect you and your business.
  • In addition, not less than one dozen specific products are detailed, where to source and resell them using Amazon and eBay – profitably!
  • Let me show you how it’s done, no fuss, no bother.
  • Absolutely anyone can do this – ‘Newbie’ or Pro/PowerSellers alike, this is one of the few genuine money-making niches known to only a select few. You can be one of them.

I make a good income from various money-making methods.

This is one of the easiest, quickest and most effective.

It also happens to be my favorite.

I’m not talking about sales from my eBooks either – this is a separate venture I’d like to share with you. It’s hard to believe more people don’t know about this.

Knock some of the conventional ways of thinking into a cocked hat.

I’m always searching for ways of making money that don’t conform to the norm.

AND WHAT’S MORE I FIND THEM – time and again!

I walk the talk – and actually use the methods in my book to earn big money each and every month. Not just to say I use them – but more because I do make a lot of money from them.

Most importantly, I will guide you through the same step by step processes so you make money in the same way. If not already a seller on eBay and Amazon, you will need some initial setting up but it’s free and once done you will not have to do it again.

It couldn’t be easier for you as, apart from the many excellent business-related ideas discussed in the book, I have listed (with pics) a dozen products you can source and resell at a decent profit.

Of course it takes a little action on your part if you want to see sales coming through every day. And you need start with very little capital. How much money you make is really up to you.

I don’t believe in working at a J-O-B (Just Over Broke, a true cliché) for a living.

I think work is for the Lazy!

Why? Well, you get up, commute to work half-asleep, clock in, then proceed like a robot for the rest of the day. Mindless repetitive tasks you’ve done a 1000 times before until it’s time to go home. No brain power involved at all!

What could be lazier than that?

Then tomorrow it begins all over again. No one can wait for Friday, and once a year you’re generously “awarded” a couple of weeks’ leave.

Apart from poor pay and slave wage mentality, perhaps worst of all – bearing in mind we are on this Earth for such a limited period – you are selling what little glorious time you have left. Time is the one commodity which cannot be stored or bought back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Are you are selling (for a price so cheap it’s laughable) your valuable life hours while all along being told what to do by other people? We know everyone else does it, but does it make sense?

What’s that? You love your work? Then stick to it like glue because you’re a tiny minority. Most people are bored to tears by their jobs.

I long ago learned success means not only the willingness to change, but the active seeking of change. Having been self-employed more than 90% of my working life, I must constantly change, research, adapt and evolve my business to ensure I earn money. It is sometimes hard work, but it’s never boring. I feel alive and motivated.

“I take holidays when I like, earn a lot of money and best of all I don’t answer to anyone. These things are important to me.”

I’m a strong believer in working – but only IF you’re doing a job you love, when you want to do it and can stop or take time off when you want. I honestly feel I live my life to the full. I’m about to take my partner on holiday to Ireland; last year we visited South Africa and the USA after visiting China and Vietnam in 2016.

Now I’m not bragging, I’m really not – just trying to remind you life is NOT about working for other people.

As the bank ads say – ‘There’s another way you know!’

Life’s for living and loving and walking and doing work you enjoy and sailing and drinking wine (some might say not at the same time) and all the other wondrous things it has to offer you.

The information in this eBook contributed to a lifestyle for which I am grateful every day!

  • You DON’T need your own products.
  • You DON’T need past experience with this system.
  • You DON’T need much money to set this up.
  • I’ll show you how I do it using real life examples.
  • You don’t have to write an eBook. This is NOT about writing eBooks!
  • I explain fully how you can do the same.

So how can this eBook help you

start to change things?

More people now search for products on Amazon than on Google, Bing and Yahoo combined. After Amazon which is ranked at number 1, eBay is the 3rd most-visited website on the planet. Both operate all over the world. You too can have millions of buyers worldwide seeking your products every day, even while you sleep. No more worries about how to drive traffic to your own website. Many millions of people are registered to buy and sell on eBay and Amazon with more joining every day.

Hundreds of thousands of people either make a fulltime living or supplement their incomes by buying and selling on eBay and Amazon.

There are also many tens of thousands who have failed and lost money trying to sell on Amazon and eBay, mostly due to lack of action on their part.

And that’s fine by us!

I help you in this book to identify the latest trends and connect with the most up-to-date developments among the automated and AI-fuelled innovations which drive the IoT. Using the information in this book, you’ll not only be able to spot your own business opportunities and get your share of the goldmine opportunities the IoT revolution brings us, but also put into action this amazing system on where to source IoT-related products and resell these profitably.

Simply put, you can make money in this little-known and growing niche, hassle-free, in just a few hours a week.

Why not work from home, from the comfort of a warm PC while the rest of the world rush round like frantic ants?

This is where you start towards doing that.

There are two:

  • You’ll have to put in some work;
  • You may have to admit you’ve wasted much of your life working for the wrong person. And that now it’s time to start working for the right person – YOU.

When You Purchase this eBook, I’m going to give you complete Resale Rights* to the THREE bonus products below. This means you can resell them yourself and keep all of the profits.

Sell just one and make this investment in IoT Profits 100% free.

Each sale thereafter goes straight into your own pocket.

(*You need only change the cover and name of author).

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